Fully Working GCam for Redmi Note 9 Pro / 9S (Download APK Files)

Mirror direct links to get working APK versions of ported Gcam for Redmi Note 9 Pro / 9S version. Download and install Google Camera without root.

Looking for the most compatible build of Google Camera or Gcam for Redmi Note 9 Pro aka 9S? Below we list all the proved versions of Google Cam for the device that is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC.

The device with codename Curtana is the latest iteration of Redmi Note family. It carries on the sacred legacy of powerful mid-range smartphones.

While Redmi Note 5 Pro and 6 Pro are the latest descendants coming with Camera2 API disabled, Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S comes with the API enabled by default.

This allows users to take advantage of camera apps with advanced controls and functions.

About Gcam

Gcam is a popular term of ported Google Camera app. It means unofficial builds of Google’s official camera app originally available on Pixel phones.

What makes the app so attractive is the software engineering technology lays within.

So far, many consider it as the best camera app available for flagship phones. It was Pixel-exclusive app, basically it is now.

Thanks to third-party modders who have managed to port the app for other Android phones as well.

Pixel phones are flagship phone and one of the best mobile photography devices regardless it is a single-camera setup. Pixel phones do not also boast big megapixel cameras unlike any other.

The combination of super clever software algorithm and hardware creates exceptional still photography experience. The harmony of both factors proves that a good camera phone is not always about the huge MP count.

GCam Compatibility

As we have said earlier, the app is originally compatible only on Pixel phones. The ported versions, thankfully, are compatible to most devices but not all.

The complexity and exclusivity of the app makes it not always compatible for any Android phones.

That is why porting is not a “piece of cake” job.

Ported Gcam Variants

There are so many variants of ported Gcam currently.

With the increasing number of developers giving helping hands to port the app, the number of builds, versions, and variants are also growing.

Some of popular modders (the jargon for developers who port the app) are Arnova, BSG, cStark, Fu24, Parrot043, San1ty, burial, Urnyx05, and so on.

There are variants compatible with many devices, some are also made exclusive for specific devices, and some also designed for specific device but are also compatible with others.

Which version works for your phone?

One thing to remember: There is no universal Gcam version that works on all Android phone.

You need to join the quest of finding the most compatible and stable version for your phone.

This post is one of your vehicles to go through a shorter route in your quest.

Download Gcam

The original version of Google camera is available for download from the Play Store. The fact that the app is not compatible with non-Pixel phones prevents anyone to use it.

The below versions and/or variants have been tested to work on Redmi Note 9 Pro (also 9S) with less and minimal bugs.

By using one of these Gcam APK files listed below, you can save your valuable time in finding the most compatible ones from hundreds of currently available APKs.

If you do have time and found another version, please do not hesitate to share it in the comment section below.

Ported Gcam v7.3.

Gcam v7.3 for Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S by Arnova8G2:

File size79 MB
Version7.3.020 (Arnova’s version 5 Beta Final)
File typeAPK
CompatibilityRedmi Note 9S or Redmi Note 9 Pro
DeveloperGoogle Inc., ported by Arnova
DownloadDirect Link

Gcam v7.3 for Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S by Parrot043:

File size94 MB
Version7.3.020 (Parrot043’s version 2)
File typeAPK
CompatibilityRedmi Note 9S or Redmi Note 9 Pro
DeveloperGoogle Inc., ported by Parrot043
DownloadDirect Link

Ported Gcam v7.2.

Gcam v7.2 for Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S by Urnyx05:

File size75 MB
Version7.2.010 (Urnyx05’s version 2.3)
File typeAPK
CompatibilityRedmi Note 9S or Redmi Note 9 Pro
DeveloperGoogle Inc., ported by Urnyx05
DownloadDirect Link

Ported Gcam v7.0.

Gcam v7.0 for Redmi Note 9 Pro/9S by Parrot043:

File size80 MB
Version7.0.009 (Parrot043’s version 13)
File typeAPK
CompatibilityRedmi Note 9S or Redmi Note 9 Pro
DeveloperGoogle Inc., ported by Parrot043
DownloadDirect Link

Key Features

Below are the most notable features of Gcam v7.x for Redmi Note 9 Pro (9 S):

  • Camera mode (normal)
  • Video mode (normal)
  • Night Sight (low light photography)
  • Photo Sphere (create 360-degree VR-like photos)
  • Panorama mode (wide view photography)
  • Slow Motion (record ultra slow-mo videos)
  • HDR+
  • HDR+ Enhanced (ultra crysp dinamyc range)
  • Portrait Mode (AI-assisted bokeh-ish portrait)
  • Google Lens
  • 4K videos
  • EIS (Electronical Image Stabilization) video stabilization
  • Astrophotography

How to Install Gcam

  1. Download the APK file from one of the above links. You don’t have to try them all.
  2. Open Settings > Apps > Manage Apps.
  3. Find the File Manager app. Tap on it.
  4. Choose Install apps from unknown sources.
  5. Enable the Allow from this source toggle.
  6. Go back to the Homescreen.
  7. Open File Manager app.
  8. Tap the APKs icon.
  9. Find the Gcam APK file you’ve just downloaded.
  10. Tap on it to start the install process.
  11. Tap Install. Wait for the process.
  12. Finally, tap Open.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this app free?
Yes, it is. It does not even have any kind of apps.

Is this app safe and virus-free?
Yes, as far as what we have tested. Feel free to scan the APK file using your favourite antivirus software.

Where are the files hosted on?
All the APK files are hosted on our own servers and are available as direct hot links. We provide the files as mirror copies. We have Pops in France, the United Kingdom, and some of the US states.

Do I need to root my phone?
No, you don’t have to root your Redmi Note 9 Pro or 9S. You can simply download, install, and use the app as it is. Redmi Note 9 Pro (9S) already comes with Camera2 API enabled. Hence, bootloader unlock is not necessary and neither is rooting.

Is Gcam better than stock MIUI camera?
We could answer this question with Yes if the case was two years ago. Nowadays, the results shot on both apps are hard to compare. MIUI stock camera is now way more improved than it was before. Gcam, on the other hand, have some advantages, especially in HDR+ and lowlight photography.

How to use Astrophotography mode on Gcam?
Gcam Astrophotography also works on Redmi Note 9 Pro (9S). Open gcam app and choose Night Sight mode. Hold the phone very steady. Use a table, tripod, etc. The app will automatically enable the Astrophotography mode. This advanced mode won’t work if the phone is shaking or moving.

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