Ported Google Camera by BSG: Download APKs

All Stable BSG GCam APK Files for Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note, and Poco Devices

Are you looking for Google Camera Mod, or GCam in short, built by BSG? Below we list all available APK files hand-picked for its common usage and stability.

BSG is one of the main GCam port modders. Many of other modders use his builds as their base.

BSG’s Gcam is popular for its stability and compatibility especially for many Xiaomi phone series, including those in Mi, Redmi Note, Redmi, and Poco devices.

This is due to the fact that BSG usually owns Xiaomi devices so he build GCam ports adjusted to be compatible for Xiaomi DNA.

Hi was first popular in 4PDA, a Russian forum discussing about mobile devices in general.

Nowadays, he is also popular among XDA and Xiaomi communities.

About Google Camera

The app is originally shipped on every Pixel device, a phone made by Google, the company behind Android itself.

Google Camera is so popular for its better quality photos compared to the stock MIUI camera app.

As for us, the results are frankly comparable nowadays since Xiaomi has its own division focusing on camera and mobile photography.

Hence, the technology behind stock camera app has improved a lot better now.

Nevertheless, there are stil fans of Google Camera. Are you one of them? Go grab it below.

Download Google Camera APK

All GCam APK files below are hosted on our servers provided as a mirror source.

We make no modification over the original files released by the modder.

GCam v8.1

Filename :
Version 8.1.101_a9_pv0da | Size: 100 MB | Download

Filename :
Version 8.1.101_a9_pvc | Size: 100 MB | Download

GCam v8.0

Filename :
Version 8.0.101_a9_v0b | Size: 99 MB | Download

GCam v7.4

Filename :
Version 7.4.104_v0a | Size: 85 MB | Download

GCam v7.3

Filename :
Version 7.3.020_rpii_v0f | Size: 80 MB | Download

GCam v7.2

Filename :
Version 7.2.018 (rpii.miviii_v0b) | Size: 117 MB | Download

GCam v7.0

Filename :
Version 7.0.009 | Size: 131 MB | Download

GCam v6.2

Filename :
Version 6.2.030 | Size: 142 MB | Download

GCam v6.1

Filename :
Version 6.1.021 | Size: 78 MB | Download

Filename :
Version 6.1.021 | Size: 79 MB | Download

GCam v5.3

Filename :
Version 5.3.015 | Size: 50 MB | Download

GCam v5.2

Filename :
Version 5.2.022 | Size: 30 MB | Download

GCam v5.1

Filename :
Version 5.1.018 | Size: 68 MB | Download

GCam v4.4

Filename :
Version | Size: 36 MB | Download

How to Install GCam APK?

Installing GCam APK files is just like installing any other APKs.

All you need to do is just download the APK file to your phone, tap on it to open it, proceed as instructed on screen.

There are few things you need to pay attentio to.

First, make sure you give a proper permission to either File Manager app or Web Browser app (be it Chrome, Mi Browse, Opera, Firefox, etc) allowing it to install APK file.

All you need to do is to allow installation from unkown sources which you can find it in Settings.

Second, if your phone sports Qualcom-based chipset, make sure that your phone supports Camera2 API.

Most recent Xiaomi phones already have Camera2 API enabled by default.

Older series like Redmi Note 5 Pro need to activate it manually by modifying some prop files while the device has unlocked bootloader.

Phones with MediaTek chipset does not have such a feature. Which means you need to simply find the APK file that works for your phone.

That’s all folks! Just don’t forget to bookmark this page to go back later.

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