TWRP for Redmi 8A, Download and Install Method

Follow these steps to a successful install of TWRP on Redmi 8A codename Olivelite. Download TWRP recovery from mirror direct link.

Redmi 8A codename Olivelite is basically the lower version of the standard Redmi 8 codename Olive.

The handset comes with Qualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439 SoC which is a chipset with 12 nm fabrication technology.

The phone sports MIUI 11 based on Android 9 Pie by default. Being one of Redmi’s budget phones, Olivelite becomes one of the best sellers. Thanks to its very affordable price tag.

The fact of its cheap price does not prevent it from being customizeable-friendly.

Developers, enthusiasts, and adventurous users can still play around with this smartphone. It is an Android however.

The first stepping stone for Android customization, like other devices, is a custom recovery.

TeamWin Recovery Project, or TWRP in short, is currently the world’s most famous recovery.

Good news! TWRP is now also available for Redmi 8A although it is still an unofficial build.

About TWRP

What Is TWRP? It is a custom recovery available as a replacement for stock recoveries for many Android phones.

It boasts advanced abilities not available within MIUI stock recovery.

Some of its cool features are fully touchscreen UI, flash zip and image files, backup and restore, etc.

TWRP is a famous recovery created by TeamWin Development Team. Its source code is available for the public via Github. it is an Open Source project.

Find out more about it here.

TWRP for Redmi 8A

At the time of writing this article, there is no official build of TWRP for Redmi 8A yet.

Alternatively, there is a fully working unofficial one made by Milankagrujevic.

This build features the same functions despite it’s not available in the official TWRP repositories.

Redmi 8A users can enjoy flashing, creating, and restoring backups as well ass many other default features.

According to its developer, his build is compatible for Redmi 8A Global variant.

Download TWRP

You can grab Milankagrujevic’s TWRP for Redmi 8A from below direct link. The links is available as a mirror source.

The file is hosted on our servers in Europe and the US.

File size28 MB
File version3.3.1-0
File typeIMG
CompatibilityRedmi 8A
DownloadDirect Link

Download VBMETA

Redmi 8A runs MIUI, Xiaomi’s skinned version of Android operating system.

The company adds a layer of protection within its booting process to check whether if recovery partition has been tempered or not.

Flashing this vbmeta file will patch such a protection and hence avoids bootloop.

File size4 KB
File versionN/A
File typeIMG
CompatibilityRedmi 8A
DownloadDirect Link


Flashing TWRP is not a difficult task once you knew the method.

First thing first, it is important to back up your files and data for just in case scenario. Once you did this, follow these steps below.

The second requirement is unlocked bootloader. We posted the full guide on how to unlock bootloader of any Redmi phones here.

While creating backups is optional but strongly recommended, unlocking bootloader is mandatory. You cannot proceed even further without this.

How to Install TWRP on Redmi 8A

Step 1 – Install ADB USB Driver on your computer.

Step 2 – Also, download and extract Android Platform-tools available on the same page as the ADB Driver.

Step 3 – Download TWRP and VBMETA from the links above.

Step 4 – Put both TWRP and VBMETA .img files in the platform-tools folder.

Step 5 – Type cmd in the address bar then hit Enter on your keyboard. This launches the Command Prompt window right in the location of the platform-tools location.

Launch Command Prompt from Platform-tools Folder
Launch Command Prompt from Platform-tools Folder

Step 6 – Now use this command to reboot Redmi 8A to the Bootloader mode:

adb devices
adb reboot bootloader

Step 7 – Once you see the Mi Bunny Fastboot Logo on screen, type this command to flash TWRP on Redmi 8A:

fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery twrp-olivelite.img

Step 8 – Next, also flash patched vbmeta.img file using command below:

fastboot flash --disable-verity vbmeta vbmeta-olivelite.img

Step 9 – Once installed, use the combo keys to boot into recovery mode: Press Power and Volume Up buttons. Release the Power button once you see Redmi logo.

Step 10 – Swipe to confirm modifications. You need to do this only once, during the first boot to TWRP.

Step 11 – That’s it. You have installed TWRP recovery on Redmi 8A and successfully booted to it.

What’s Next?

A custom recovery, in this case is TWRP, is just a door to open a bunch of possibilities to phone modifications.

You can use it to flash Magisk and hence gaining root access over your phone.

Installing a custom ROM or a custom kernel is also possible through TWRP.

Custom ROMs are basically aftermarket firmware offering totally different users experience.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to bring your Redmi 8A to a higher level.


  • The TWRP and its VBMETA files are exclusively for Redmi 8A. Do not flash them on Redmi 8 or Redmi 8A Pro.
  • We hold no responsibilities for any damages that might happen.
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