TWRP Flasher Tool for Redmi 8A, Install TWRP in One Click

Download TWRP Installer tool for Redmi 8A codename Olivelite. Install TWRP custom recovery in one click and few pressing of buttons.

Redmi 8A is one of Xiaomi’s best seller phones. Thanks to its very affordable price tag.

Being an affordable phone does not make it far from custom development. The coming of custom recovery marks its starting point.

Currently, TeamWin’s creation is the best available for many Android phones.

Enter TWRP recovery! It is a custom recovery with advanced featured compared to the MIUI’s stock.

Many users think it difficult to installing TWRP. In fact, once they know the main concept, it becomes a piece of cake.

Previously, we posted a step-by-step guide on how to install TWRP on Redmi 8A. We tried our best to make it very easy to follow.

However, we are not closing our eyes for users who still feel it difficult.

That said, we finally release the TWRP Flasher Tool.

What is this tool?

As the name already suggests, it is a simple Batch script created in Windows.

What the script do is simple, it installs a compatible version of TWRP to Redmi 8A.

Users usually need to type in several lines of command traditionally.

With the help of this tool, users will no longer need to remember and to type in the commands.

Simply connect the phone, run the tool, and profit!

This tool ships with all essential files needed to flash the recovery, including the patched vbmeta image to prevent bootloop.

Download Link

You can grab this tool from direct link below.
File size26 MB
File versionN/A
File typeZIP
CompatibilityWindows 8.1/10
DownloadDirect Link


  • TeamWin Dev Team for the original source code of TWRP.
  • Milankragujevic for building Redmi 8A TWRP.

How to Use

The purpose of making this tool is simplicity. Hence, it shall be easy to install TWRP using this tool.

Follow these steps:

Step 1Unlock the bootloader of your phone. This is a must.

Step 2 – Download and install ADB Fastboot driver available here.

Step 3 – Download Redmi 8A Flasher tool from the link above. Extract the ZIP file using either WinZIP or WinRAR.

Step 4 – Connect Redmi 8A phone to your computer using its USB cable.

Step 5 – Double-click the Redmi 8A TWRP Flasher file to run it.

Step 6 – Press any key on your keyboard to continue the process.

Step 7 – Type 1 then hit Enter.

Step 8 – Press any key to continue.

Step 9 – At this point, your Redmi 8A will reboot into the Bootloader/Fastboot mode.

Step 10 – As instructed, press any key to continue.

Step 11 – Again, press any key to continue. Super easy isn’t it?

Step 12 – Wait for the tool to do its magic.

Step 13 – Finally, press any key again to reboot your phone to the system.

That’s all. TWRP has been succcesfully installed on your Redmi 8A.

Reboot Redmi 8A into TWRP

  1. Turn off your phone completely. How? Press the Power button then choose Power Off.
  2. Once it’s off, press Power button and Volume Up button.
  3. Release the Power button once you see Redmi logo.
  4. Swipe to confirm modifications.
  5. Enjoy!


How do I know if the flashing process succeed?
If you don’t see something like this below, that means the process was a success.

What should I do if the process failed?
Follow possible workarounds displayed on the tool.

Should I create backups?
We urge you to do so. Taking backups before doing any modifications to your phone is strongly recommended.

What else should I know?
We hold no responsibility for any damages. No one points a gun to you to use this tool.

Is this tool free?
Of course.

I still have questions.
Write a comment down below.

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