Magisk Manager Gets Version 8.0.7 with Binaries Included – Download APK

Topjohwu, the main developer behind Magisk systemless root, has managed to combine Magisk binaries (zip) with Magisk Manager app (apk) into one single package.

Previously, users who attempt to gain root access are required to install both packages.

From now on, Magisk is distributed in one single package which is Magisk Manager app (apk).

As a refresh, the main zip file contains the binaries of where the magic happens. It’s the secret formula to gain root access on your phone.

On the other hand, the manager is an app to manage root access on your phone. You can allow or block root access of apps via Magisk Manager.

With the release of v8.0.7, Topjohnwu will always ship Magisk in one single package.

It means that the whole rooting process will also be different.

The new version APK file is now also flash-able in a custom recovery like TWRP, RWRP, PitchBlack, etc.

How? Simply download the new APK file and rename its extension from .apk to .zip and that’s it. The reason this can work is that APK files follow the ZIP file format.

How to rename Magisk APK to ZIP

First, download the APK file to your computer.

Second, open Windows Explorer.

Third, go to the folder location of where you downloaded Magisk’s APK file.

Next, click View tab then enable File name extensions.

That’s it. You can now then transfer the file to your phone and flash it in TWRP.

Download Magisk Manager v8.0.7 APK

You can grab its APK file from below link:

Filename :
Version 8.0.7 | Size: 3 MB | Download

New Way to Root With Magisk

All you have to do is download the latest Manager APK, change its extension to ZIP so it will be recognized as a flashable file by TWRP, and then flash the ZIP.

Remember, the phone’s bootloader must have been already unlocked.

You can read more information about it on Topjohnwu’s official page here.


• No more separate zip for installation
• The Magisk Manager APK *itself* is a custom recovery flashable zip (magic!!)
• Magisk Manager is now fully tied to Magisk releases
• Installation and uninstallation will be 100% offline as everything is included in the APK
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