Magisk, Manager App, and Uninstaller: Mirror Direct Links

Mirror direct links to download Magisk systemless root, Magisk Manager APK, and Uninstaller, compatible for all Redmi and Redmi Note phones.

Rooting an Android phone is always being a controversy since the beginning of its inception. There are always mixed thoughts about it.

On one hand, users love to root because of the freedom its offer over their very own phones.

On the other hand, phone manufacturers and app developers think contrary. OEMs think that rooting opens vulnerabilities to malicious apps.

App developers say that rooting can trick the system they managed to build, such a system found in banking apps and certain games like Pokemon Go.

Magisk comes to facilitate users gaining root access while tricking both OEMs and app developers.

What is Magisk

Magisk is basically a toolkit that covers almost all fundamental parts of Android customization. Once installed, Magisk offers root access, boot scripts, SELinux patches, AVB2.0, dm-verity / force-encrypt removals, etc.

Magisk is popular, however, as a tool to rooting Android phones systemlessly.

Systemless means it won’t modify the actual /system partition of target phones.

Instead, Magisk does it magic by essentially modifying the system without actually touching it. That is where the name comes from.

What Magisk does is simple. It puts the modifications in the boot (and/or recovery) partition. Once modified, the boot image will then called as a patched boot image.

Who created Magisk? A guy known as TopJohnWu is the hero and saviour for all root maniacs around the world.

A fun fact about him: Last year, he picked an internship at Apple instead of Google.

Download Magisk Root

The main package of Magisk is a flash-able zip file. It contains everything you need to root your device, including the Magisk Manager app itself.

Latest Version

File size3 MB
File typeZIP
CompatibilityAndroid 5 to Android 10
DownloadMirror link

Older Versions

Download Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is the official app of Magisk root responsible for handling, managing, and organizing root access.

This app is generally available in-built within Magisk main package.

However, there are some cases you may need to install the app manually even though you have flashed the main root package through recovery.

Update: Since version 8.0.7, topjohwu ships Magisk binaries in the single package of APK. Now the Magisk binaries are combined in a single APK package.

Download Magisk Manager APK file below.

Latest Version

File size2.04 MB
File typeAPK
CompatibilityAndroid 5 to Android 10
DownloadMirror link

Older Versions

Download Uninstaller

This package comes in handy to removing or uninstalling Magisk root. In other words, you’ll need this to unroot your phone.

Download Magisk Uninstaller from these links:

How to Install Magisk and Root Redmi Phones

There are basically three methods to install Magisk and hence gaining root on any Android phones.

The decision of which method to choose depends on the type of the phone:

  • Method #1: Patching boot image.
    This method is suitable for generally any Android phones.
  • Method #2: Patching recovery image.
    This method is for phones with System As Root (SAR) or Treble support. Devices with A/B partitions are most certainly also SAR.
  • Method #3: Flashing through a custom recovery.
    Obviously, this method is for devices which have custom recoveries support such as TWRP, Redwolf, Orangefox, or PitchBlack.

We suggest you to not using Method #1 and #2 unless you are an experienced user. We’ll cover both methods on specific articles covering devices that essentially need to use these methods.

Method #3 is the most common way to install Magisk and root your Redmi phone.

As far as we know, Xiaomi phones with A/B partitions are those running Android One such as Mi A1, Mi A2, and Mi A3.

In general, the steps are as following:

  1. Unlock MIUI bootloader.
  2. Download ADB Fastboot drivers and install it on your computer.
  3. Download and install TWRP (or any compatible recoveries) on your phone through ADB interface.
  4. Download Magisk zip file to your phone.
  5. Reboot to TWRP recovery (Press Power and Volume Up when the phone is off).
  6. Choose Install.
  7. Find and locate the ZIP file you’ve downloaded.
  8. Tap on it to select it.
  9. Swipe to confirm flash.
  10. Reboot to system.

Once you are in the main operating system, you’ll need to check whether Magisk Manager app is installed. If for some reason it isn’t installed automatically, download the APK file above and manually install it.

Check the root status by using Root Checker app, a free app available in Play Store. Enjoy!

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